Elevator to space in 2050 by Japanese company Obayashi Corporation


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About fifty years ago, people thought that our time space flight will be as accessible as their year journey by public transport. Unfortunately, these hopes were not realized. But, perhaps as early as 2050 in space can be reached by elevator – this concept vehicle introduced a Japanese company Obayashi Corporation.

Lifts are different! There are the usual lift is a lift in the bathroom , there is a lift inside the aquarium , and the company promises to Obayashi Corporation in a few decades to run the elevator into space! In fact, the creation of such technologies is engaged in several scientific and engineering groups around the world, supervised space agency NASA. However, according to the Japanese, this process is very slow, so the Obayashi Corporation decided to engage in independent of the other developing a space elevator. main achievement of competition from NASA is that they have proved the possibility of creating a space elevator. Obayashi Corporation promises to start this unusual vehicle is a 2050! This elevator will lead from the Earth to the space station, located at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers. But the length of the cable will be 96,000 miles. Need is to create a counterweight to the orbital. In the future it can be used to extend the route of the lift.

Lift will be able to move at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour and carry the same time up to 30 people. So in order to achieve the ultimate goal of this vehicle will need about 8 days. On the space station be located as laboratories and living quarters. Price per person starting at the beginning of the space elevator will be reduced by several times compared to the present. very same rope, on which the elevator is going to be created from the symbiosis of carbon nanotubes and secretion from the glands of genetically modified spider. In Obayashi Corporation has a couple of decades to develop and implement these technologies.

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