Conceptual Rescue Flashlight for the Special agent


February 23, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Flashlight for one special agent, or three Korean tourists came up with designer Kim Seok Jin. The conceptual device called the Rescue Flashlight is an indispensable companion travel where it may be dark and dangerous.

 From this invention he would not mind 007, despite the fact that he too, will always be armed to the teeth, having in the arsenal of a lot of useful gizmos. First, a convenient form of the flashlight allowing it to go perfectly in your hand, what is important. And secondly, Rescue Flashlight is not one, but three separate flashlight – if the device apart and divide into parts. A great idea – to share not only with water and food with colleagues or hiking expeditions, but also light.

     Besides Rescue Flashlight can shine colorful light. A green ring on its two sides allows you to choose a color for the most common signals: a warning about the danger, the request for assistance, determining the location or direction, and certainly the signal SOS.


Battery charging flashlight surprising kinetic energy. If there is no outlet or laptop, you simply shake the device and battery “come to life.” Indeed, this flashlight is useful not only a special agent, but also all people who value reliability. Sorry, Rescue Flashlight is just a concept.

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