1% Products, the style of minimalist fashion pottery by Nendo


February 24, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

In April of this year, the Japanese company Nendo at Milan will present a collection of pottery, called a% products . Collection consists of original cups, saucers, glasses for the sake and tea set made ​​in the style of minimalist fashion.

 At the same time and helpful, and pleasant are the kettle-Kettle and a mug of tea: their wooden lid is also a toy “top”. Fun for those who like to vandalize the table, or bored during the tea party with relatives and related preachy conversations.

     Other elements of this collection of ceramic vessels resemble the designer or building blocks that can be folded more than the obvious. Thus, the original flower vases can be folded into a small wall, decorated with flowers. Cups of sake – in a nice tower, and a cup of tea to make a dish worthy to be on the table near the Mad Hatter in his famous tea.


Designers from Nendo claim that is made, and will go on sale each cup and a vase from the collection% products.

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