Interactive Points by Google, a “Terminator look”


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Technology and film fans surely know what the “Terminator look.” This is an interactive information superimposed on the image seen by the person (or robot). That’s just the technology and plans to start production of the corporation Google , and, in the very near future!

 Google – the company that creates tomorrow! Scientists and engineers working on it, make the reality is that for decades was considered a fantasy, for example, machines with the autopilot or interactive points! That’s about the imminent withdrawal of the latter and the representatives of the recently announced Google. Moreover, this project is so important to the company that oversees personally Sergey Brin. According to the Google, working copies of the interactive points already exist in the laboratories of the research center Google X, now they are testing, completion and establishment of production.

 Interactive points from Google will be equipped with a digital camera, a receiver GPS, 3G communication modules, and 4G, as well as its own processor that processes the received visual information, interpreting it and printing the data on the screen, which in essence will be the glass of these points. Through Points by Google people will be able to obtain current information about the surrounding buildings, its interesting objects that are nearby, found the people to recognize and orient themselves in space thanks to GPS. developers from Google suggests that people will not wear these glasses online on a regular basis.Rather, they refer to them from time to time, as now used interactive functions of a smartphone. However, there may be the originals, which will sleep without removing this gadget.

Manage as interactive points will be almost imperceptible movements of the head. This interface – A simple and intuitive. Interactive glasses from Google will be available by the end of 2012 and will cost in the range from 250 to 600 U.S. dollars.

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