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Educators around the world have long sounded the alarm: the younger generation completely forgotten how to read. No, the mechanical skill is still in order. But the ability to read a thoughtful and long-term focus is gradually disappearing. Who is to blame for this situation and what to do – the question in earnest discussion, so leave him alone. We only note that the designers have also made ​​their contribution in different ways and try to draw public attention to a pressing problem. That’s a creative tandem of Lithuania A & V presented a collection of “hinting” and stylish handbags.

A & V – an acronym formed by the first letters of names Aleksandras Pogrebnojus and Vida Simanavičiūtė . Designer (please!) nonprofit brand is pro-European intellectual fashion and offers a truly unique selection of clothing and accessories with lots of “subtexts.” Twice a year, A & V released fresh collections that immediately come to Fashion Week in France, Japan, Austria and Russia. Not surprisingly, some of the stylish creations of Lithuanian designers can be seen in the pages ofVogue Russia, Vogue Japan, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and L’Officiel.

     Corporate Identity A & V is a combination of the Lithuanian traditions, current trends, intelligent design, as well as a fair share of irony about modern values. Kind of Alexandras and believe in the eternal values ​​and try to promote them. The most important thing – just to find them a modern and accessible understanding of young people “shell.”

     The collection of “literary” is fully consistent with the above purses concept. Date is always the desire for knowledge embodied in the symbol of the designers – the book, and it, in turn, transformed into a beautiful and attracting attention accessory. And even under a delicately embroidered suede covers, you will not find the original texts of Dumas, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Pushkin, or the Bible, but certainly think about them and will force others to do the same.    

Each bag is made of genuine leather and suede. “Artwork” is decorated with handmade embroidery. Dimensions of accessory – 22.5 x 16, 5 cm

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