“House with a split personality” created by specialists from the Mexican architectural

Looking at the picture provided by the sponsors, there is a feeling that this refurbished Portuguese house has a pronounced split personality. It is this characteristic is the most scandalous label for unusual interior design concept, created by specialists from the Mexican architectural studio Materia Arquitectonica.

 Eclectic style, evolving throughout the space of the house – bright, curious, but quite noble and grounded.

 The basis of modern housing construction has been taken, built over 300 years ago! This explains the unique pieces of antique brutal textures, contrasting with the elements and the decor of today.

 Some of the new surfaces deliberately play up the historic building, mimicking the age-old traditions of building, while others, by contrast, emphasize the distinctive flavor of the old masonry smooth surface of modern technological materials.

 The plan involves building an updated Portuguese accommodation for a family with an open plan studio type and conditional zoning.

 Amazing ceiling elements are skillfully made from natural wood, serves for the formation of the visual continuity of the entire space of the home.

The individual functional modules that make up a community, are absolutely modern elements that are harmonious and delicately integrated into the historic environment. with the work of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio, headquartered in Mexico City


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