Huge Giant Cat Sofa by Belgian design Studio


February 27, 2012Miscellaneous2 Comments

As a rule, cats think they are gods, can not afford to fall to his knees, shoulders, back or abdomen of its host. The owner is such a luxury can only dream about. Although, why only a dream? Belgian design studio Unfold been invented and introduced to the public a design project feline couch Giant Cat Sofa , which can accommodate the whole family.

  Sofa is part of a collection of Habitat, which also includes design of a child’s room, bathroom, bedroom and living room, decorated in a feline theme. But the sofa, obviously, is a favorite of the collection: big cat the size of 3.5 meters can not help but like children, and adults certainly will not refuse to lie on a soft plush cat’s body.


This design project was released in 2010 as an installation called Felis Domesticus, which translates from Latin as “house cat”.Dial-up sculptures created at the initiative of Bruno Herzeele and is designed for spacious rooms Luchtbal cultural centre.

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