Paige Arena (Arena Page): Geometry and 3D-modeling of the girl in fashion


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More and more young designers at work on new collections are trying to use the full capabilities of modern technology. In the fashion industry is growing up a generation of innovators. So that the future of this area, most likely for a symbiosis of art and bold high-tech. Well, wait and see. In the meantime, we offer to assess a clothing line, created using 3D-modeling.

       High technology has always fascinated the young people, especially creative. That’s a novice fashion designer Paige Arena (Arena Page) , a student of London College of Fashion, despite all the “bohemian” of his profession, to create her own line of clothing drew inspiration from the scope of math and engineering. The geometry and 3D-modeling of the girl helped create an unusually textured collection autumn-winter 2012-13.

     Girls in clothes from the Arena Paige resemble sculptures come to life. To achieve an unusual size and texture of things was with a little trick: the initial sketches for future collections Arena created a special program for 3D-modeling (often used in industrial design, but not fashion). The resulting piece Paige smashed into modules (parts) and transferred to the paper, turning them into a 2D-patterns. And they had already cut out, sewed pieces of fabric. In this case one module could simultaneously serve as an element of several different models.


Such a journey from 3D to 2D and back again has created a beautiful collection of only a few templates. A look ready kits really impressive, if somewhat futuristic. But the future is already closer than you think.

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