Hybrid for the U.S. Army Tank – a machine of destruction


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Tank – a machine of destruction, killing machine. However, even this is a vehicle combat can be done with love. With a love of nature and the environment. That is so, and will be a hybrid tank from BAE Systems , which is being developed for the Army of the United States of America.

   The U.S. Army is trying to keep up with the times. She did not suddenly become alien concepts such as “energy efficiency”, “savings”, “ecology”. So soon she is going to adopt the hybrid cars and hybrid tank. Here is the last and will be discussed today.

 I must say that before the U.S. War Department was trying to experiment with “green” technologies. For example, in the backpacks of soldiers built into solar panels, so they had the opportunity while on the go, even in the barren desert to charge the radio and other electronic devices.

 Having in these experiments, positive results, the U.S. military decided to make eco-friendly, and their war machines. The fact is that now a single soldier in the U.S. Army takes a day on average, 22 liters of fuel. This wealth of resources, if we take into account the scale of the military. So, from mindless consumerism, we must reject.

 For example, equipping the U.S. military machine “green” engines. The company BAE Systems, which develops a hybrid for the U.S. Army tank with a working title of Hybrid Electric Drive, states that it will consume twenty percent fewer resources than the pure diesel “cousins.” And it will make it more resilient, will allow him to stay longer in service.

Moreover, the validity of such a tank can be extended even if you install solar panels on it. This possibility is also investigated by BAE Systems.

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