Nanton Coat Rack : A Home Version of the Transmission line


February 29, 2012MiscellaneousNo comments

Hangers for clothing is very unusual appearance was invented in the design studio Palette Industries . From now on, anyone who wants to own their own high-voltage transmission line tower, will be able to get devaysom called Nanton Coat Rack , and at the same time save on the hook for clothes and hats.

 Of course, few people can admire the beauty of the high-voltage towers, but when it comes to clothes hangers, the conceptual design will look like an original and fresh in a modern interior hallway, and then the big boss at the reception. Made of wood and chrome-plated steel, Nanton Coat Rack looks stylish and strictly, one in a repeating form and structure of roadside power lines. Is that where the smaller size and weight.


Transmission line in a nutshell is not entrust the wire under tension, but scarves, umbrellas, hats and coats – easily. However, to pay for this pleasure will have a stunning price – just over 933 dollars.

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