OUTrial House – the harmonious Integration of homes into the Natural landscape

OUTrial House – a house of rock musician, in a literal sense, is deeply rooted in the green landscape – the picturesque rolling hills, surrounded by trees.

     OUTrial House has some defining characteristics that contribute to the harmonious integration of homes into the natural landscape features.

   Polish architects studio Promes KWK , known to us for an innovative project house-transformer , “raised” pieces of land covered with grass, to form the roof of the house. This is a bold decision with maximum efficiency in terms of heat balance of dwelling space, and environmental aesthetics of the new generation architecture, carefully related to wildlife.

   In the process of building a house, closer to its completion, the customer has set the architects one additional task – to arrange a place for a small recording studio. This room was formed by combining the first level of the roof and hit the ground bend fragment of the building, through an incision in the green plane.

 Such a non-trivial progress made in the atrium space, access to which can only be inside the house. However, unlike a typical atrium, the resulting space has all the advantages of the outer garden while remaining zone, located inside the building. Thus, a successfully implemented project task was to create an atypical atrium, which is part of the exterior and interior of the eco-homes.

 In order to ensure the comfort of a rock musician, the studio band was isolated from the rest of the house. A luxurious blend of natural and man-made conditions and elements designed to create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere of a house.

With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio based in Katowice: http://www.kwkpromes.pl/

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