Canadian Cat Cabin, Cardboard house for kittens

Despite the fact that wayward cat in any way will not be able to persuade to stay in the acquired or constructed specifically to house it, the designers continue to create different variations of the cat mink. Another attempt to provide a pet project of your own home became a Canadian Cat Cabin , created by designers Marie-Pier Guilman and Maud Beauchamp of Montreal.


  Both authors are happy owners of pet cats named Felix and Lolotte. These warm furry lumps that just love to hide, play and sleep in cardboard boxes, and became the ideological inspiration of the project. In fact, Canadian Cabin is precisely the cardboard box. Only made it as a house, a kind of room booths especially for cats and several kittens.

   Initially the Canadian Cat Cabin looks like a folded sheet of cardboard several times. But taking advantage of the instruction, it is easy to build a cat house, the more that it does not need additional tools – even glue or tape. The result is a pretty neat cardboard shack for a pet. According to management, the house is a cardboard round entrance a la mink, on the reverse side – as some round inspection holes, lies within the non-slip rubber mat for the animal, and the roof can withstand even a 30-pound fat man.



In the studio, Loyal Luxe argue that the design is also suitable for rabbits, ferrets and small dogs. It can be decorated to your liking, painting the colors, pencils, crayons or stickers okleivaya and clippings from newspapers and magazines. The cost of a collapsible cardboard cat house is about $ 30 apiece.

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