“Living Gold”: the World’s largest natural fabrics cloak using “spider silk”

Natural fabrics are always valued highly. And once the same silk, which now can be purchased at any store textiles was worth its weight in gold. So what can we say about the cost is really the golden leaf , like the one now on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum (London)? No metal here and does not smell. Simply elegant, this cape is completely woven of undyed yarns, “produced” such a creature mileyshim as Spider-zolotopryad.

   Large spider Nephila – excellent weavers and jewelers almost concurrently. The threads from which they construct their own web of arthropods, are lightweight, durable and, most importantly, have a nice golden hue. In this precious silk produced exclusively a female. Such an amazing ability for the benefit of art decided to use two homo sapiens: a British historian, art by Simon Pearce (Simon Peers) and his American business partner with a suitable business name Goldie Nicholas (Nicholas Godley) . Together they have carried out large-scale project, forcing a million (!) zolotopryadov “work” on yourself for five long years to get up in the wonderful golden robe.

 Spiders were placed in a special device, where they extracted the secret. The authors of the project assured the public that the procedure does not jeopardize the lives of arthropods, and in general: at the end of the term “service” creatures released to the free bread. In any case, the process was time-consuming and laborious. For comparison, the efforts of 23 thousand spiders can get just an ounce (about 28 grams) of precious yarn.

But the elegant cloak of this “live” gold (and even decorated with embroidery and applique complex dedicated to “spider” based in the mythology and culture) still saw the world. And now it can be seen by anyone. To do this just to be in London until the 5th of June and visit the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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