100% eco-friendly quality watch for stylish look from Sprout

The choice of watches – employment of more than responsible. After all, this accessory you will need to keep an eye on a regular basis, so that all its imperfections will be visible constantly “eyesore.” Plus, self-selected clock can tell a lot about the personality of its owner: his or her masculinity / femininity, elegance, pedantic, childish, or artistry. And even some of the convictions. For example, hours of Sprout sure to tell the world that you care about the environment: it is enough simply to draw attention from what they are made.

   Digging Sprout was formed in December 2009, a group of like-minded people. They all had different tastes, experiences, knowledge, but everyone interested in the same question: how to make a simple wristwatch environmentally “ideological”?How to replace the skin and plastic without compromising quality and stylish looks? And the solution was found, with quite quickly.

   In order to create the most “eco-friendly” hours on the market, craftsmen from Sprout use such materials as a substitute for corn-based rubber, fish-skin, organic cotton, Tyvek, mineral glass and batteries that do not contain mercury.

   The use of such “exotic” materials is clearly for the benefit of design hours. What are some models only with bracelets of fish skin : extremely durable, elastic and texture from nature (though we know “what” – 65-70 dollars). A watch, bracelets are made ​​from a patented material Tyvek , can boast of original colors and high water resistance.

     Accessories with bracelets of organic cotton and emphasized striking miniature delights (especially will look well on the wrist of a young girl), and the model of the “corn” condition, despite some massive, at the end of the life of a fully decomposed in the soil for 365 days.    By the way, from the same corn-based substitutes are made ​​all the “rubber” parts of watches Sprout.


The creators of Sprout emphasize that they are not “green”, but simply watchmakers who are trying to make the world a little cleaner. And that they have a very pretty well.

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