High fashion from Tyvek: “interseasonal” dress “Rhyth of Paper” by Israeli designer Gila Martuzana (Hila Martuzana)

If you and hear about Tvyek , then the name is likely to be associated exclusively with building materials. No, perhaps even with a courier service Feedex. However, if you often look in the blog Fashion, you know, from Tvyek now, and straps for watches do, and good shoes, and the whole dress. Such as specific outfits from the collection “Rhythm of Paper” young Israeli designer Gila Martuzana (Hila Martuzana).

   Tyvek – an artificial membrane material with a unique weave structure and consists of millions of fine fibers continuous low-pressure polyethylene. In the construction and industrial design is valued for its high moisture resistance, temperature resistance and UV radiation, but the water vapor permeability, as well as a surprising lightness and elasticity. In addition, Tyvek easily recyclable.

 In appearance similar to Tyvek construction paper. This property is in the sum of the above has generated serious interest in designer clothes, shoes and accessories to the “miracle”-material. So Hill has dedicated his entire Martuzana exclusive collection of dresses.

 Dresses from the collection «Rhyth of Paper» symbolize the transition from one season to another. Elastic white Tyvek perfect fit for creating lush spring flowers, “rain” from the fringe, sculpted waves, and even naturalistic snow flakes.

   The unique properties of the material allowed to model the volume and sculptural designer dresses. In particular, during operation Hill found that the fabric does not break (and this is despite the ease and the external similarity of the paper), but no effort is cut, bent and wrinkled. With the cloth is unlikely to have been able to achieve the “effect of origami” and unusual “paper” invoices.


Designer dresses from the collection «Rhyth of Paper» not yet sold. But Hill has probably wondered: Do not put “paper couture” on the thread?

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