House Bern Heim Beuk – a house built around a tree from Architecten De Vinck Taillieu Vylder

Eco-design – is primarily related to the delicate environment and natural manifestations of nature. House Bern Beuk Heim – a unique house built for one family living on the project of experts from the Belgian architectural studio Architecten De Vinck Taillieu Vylder.

   A small modern minimalist house, located in Flanders (Belgium), developed around a living tree, which customers and architects, despite the abundance of the same trees around, did not want to be removed from the building site and left, as the visual dominance of the new dwelling.

   Architecture of the house develops around the trunk of perennial and tends not discordant with it. This minimalist structure, built from environmentally friendly materials, at first glance, simple, and artlessly.

Compact structure, rather reminiscent of a temporary building or a small country house, set up, as often happens, from what was at hand.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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