A Series of Amusing Designers Corkers by Israeli Designers

What do the kids while the adults drink wine at the banquet table? Bored, indulge, capricious, drawing attention to himself. Maybe ask to go home. Israeli designers from companies Monkey business and Reddish figured out how to entertain and distract children: let them make wine corks into beasts, birds, or funny little men, playing a series of designers Corkers.

 Each critter accompanying bottle of wine, presented in separate parts-limbs. Of these, you can build one of the six types of animals: hare, deer, bear, monkey, buffalo, or a crow. And if you buy several bottles with different versions of Corkers, you can come up with imaginary creatures, funny little men or fantastic creatures from other worlds or planets.      Composing part of the various designers in the series, creating animals and birds, both independently and with children, you can get a lot of positive emotions. The child also develops a fantasy, imagination, and it can take a useful and interesting work at least half an hour.  

While it is unknown whether this constructor sold separately, not as an attachment to alcohol. But when it comes to preparing for the holiday, a bottle of surprise will be a great gift for both men and women.

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