Mask-Charge AIRE – it uses the breath to Produce Electricity

The human body is spending a decent amount of energy on a daily existence. Even when we sleep, this complex system works. This is the time and effort just want to use for the benefit of the creators of mobile gadgets very unusual mask AIRE , which serves both a charger.  The site have repeatedly seen the different masks that perform very very unusual features. For example, a mask for kisses Doppelganger or a mask in order to quickly get sick, Influ . Not knocked out of this strange list, and masklike device AIRE. AIRE, on the idea of its founders, will make a very useful non-service functions of the human body. Namely, it will use the breath to produce electricity. This mask has several wind turbines, the movement which occurs when a person breathes. AIRE is also equipped with a generator, transformer and power cord, with which this device can be connected to your mobile phone.

   Charge gadgets users can AIRE almost every second of their lives: while walking, jogging, working day. You can take it off except for eating and drinking. But the creators of AIRE suggest that this is an extraordinary device will be used primarily in two situations: during sleep, when a man pays no attention to the presence of a mask on his face, and during the travel, when there is no other source of electricity.

If someone thinks that it because of the mask AIRE has become more difficult to breathe, he can open a special zatvorku that will make the process of breathing easier, but at the same time reduce the intensity of charging mobile devices connected to it. Unfortunately, the mask- Charging AIRE – this is just a concept. But because the idea is very promising, so that soon, perhaps, these devices will be available.

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