Measuring Bread Spoons by Niels Datema

Despite the fact that in the market today you can find bread of all kinds and varieties, and the bread machine is one in five, some fans prefer to cook flavorful baking it at home, personally. It is for them Dutch designer Niels Datema invented Bread Spoons , set of measuring spoons for precise determination of the required number of ingredients.

 The smell of freshly baked whole wheat homemade bread, crisp taste, its attractive appearance and the color will entice anyone to try their hand at baking. At first glance it is easy because it requires only five ingredients: flour, water, yeast, sugar and butter. To turn them into a perfect dough, and Bread Spoons are required by Niels Datema.

   Each teaspoon of this kit is designed for one specific component. His name can be seen on the handle of a wooden vessel.Anything else will make a stove or oven – and the two arms the one who masters the Bakery case and started baking bread.The size of spoons initially corresponds to the volume of water, flour and yeast, which is required for the cow. Accordingly, the half-filled spoon, you can get the Korowai half the size. And vice-versa.


Project Bread Spoons designer came up with yet prjhodya education in the city of Eindhoven Design Academy. But to realize the idea was just now. The project, according to the author’s intention, should help those people who can not afford or simply too lazy to weigh yourself every ingredient of the future of bread.

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