Part 2 : Creative Clothing Racks Hooked Review

Someone will probably say that the hooks for clothes – a relic of the past, because today all modern people prefer to hang their clothes in the closets, which are equipped with fancy hallways, bedrooms and even a children’s room. However, it should only look at the design “chicanery” to make sure that place such things in the apartment is always there. Once we have written an overview of clothes hangers . We continue this theme today.

Hooks in the form of cups, forks and knives

     Equips life, choose curtains on the kitchen shelf in the bathroom and, accordingly, hooks and hangers for clothes in the hallway, usually a woman. And no matter how reluctant feminists, women are still associated in people with home-keeper, in particular, the kitchen hearth. Design hangers and hooks in the form of cutlery and flatware is devoted to them, beautiful ladies.

Hooks in the form of office keys

 If the previous category of hangers was for domestic use, the hooks in the form of office keys if they ask themselves on the wall of office or other official agencies.

Hooks in the form of ECG

 System is unusual hangers, made in the form of ECG curve will recall that it was important to be friends with the sport and take care of your health. Probably, here you can hang in shape, rolikovіe skates, rackets and other accessories for outdoor activities.


   Another system of hangers, but this time in the form of a man. Well, almost the whole. Thus, in this case can be hung on the coat collar, and the bag and accessories – for additional wooden panels, which are sort of like “hands” of this man. When installed in the hallway, that person becomes a gallant assistant, always ready to hold a coat, scarf, or umbrella.


Cool idea to create a hanger that would have looked like hiding from each other playful squirrels! Who else, and nature lovers, and kids will appreciate this author’s idea.

Ski clothes hangers

 Better than mountains can only be a mountain! And it is not difficult to guess what was the inspiration for the author of this unpretentious, but very positive hangers for clothing. The most pressing it was winter, and reminded of the Alps and the Carpathians. And in the summer will be reminded of the Crimean mountains and the gentle sea.

Hangers for drawing

 Lovely design for the stupidity of the original and creative people. Hanging garments on one of these hooks, you can draw all sorts of abstractions on the wall or prudently attached to the wall paper for drawing. Over time, you can draw such a surreal masterpiece. Or maybe just a colorful kalyaki-malyaki. Useless, but fun.

Hangers from the plumbing

 Excellent designer clothes hangers and umbrellas! Installed in a hallway, they will add additional flavor apartment. As if it lives a plumber or an employee
housing department. Also, this design resembles the hero of the apartment Alexei Guskov from the movie “Scavenger.”Unusually, extravagant, but there is something in these pipes and valves.

Children’s hangers-hooks for clothes


And finally – a few fun hangers for children’s room.

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