Books about Architects and Architecture Series of books, launched by Moleskine

Among the architects working today, there are real geniuses in their field. And many would like to know how is the workflow of these masters. Here are the architects and their architecture is just devoted to a series of books , launched by Moleskine.

   Moleskine company known primarily for its stylish notebooks. That’s the format of notebooks she decided to publish books about the great architects of our time. Moreover, based on the conceptual ideas, these pads just need to “belong” to those to whom they are dedicated.

 The first four books in this series from the Moleskine talk about the work of Zaha Hadid (Zaha Hadid), Bolles Wilson (Bolles Wilson), Giancarlo De Carlo (Giancarlo de Carlo) and Alberto Kalach (Alberto Kalach).

 The style of these publications can be summarized by the formula “From concept to implementation.” The authors of the books have taken on one project from each of the architect and showed the process of their implementation of the rough sketches to fully finished building.

 Moreover, as the material for these books were taken drafts of the manuscript and project documentation provided by the architects, who are devoted to these publications. Moreover, this material came to the page in its original form, just as scanned. And these little volumes, its essence remained the same all the notebooks from Moleskine, which are sold already filled with world-renowned architects hands.

Each book in this series of small Moleskine begins an interview with the architect, whom she says, where he tries to tell readers about himself, about his work and his mission in the architecture. Books about the architects of the Moleskine will be on sale in the spring of 2012. They are an excellent gift for those same people, which is designed atlas of contemporary architecture for the tourists arhitekturomanov.

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