Cupcake Automat – ATM, Issuing cupcakes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles – a city that never sleeps. And then there is a lot of people who were willing to buy fresh baked goods, even in the darkest hour of the night. Here’s to them and created vending cakes – Cupcake Automat.

   Sprinkles Bakery – is the most popular bakery in Beverly Hills. People from all over Los Angeles are going there to eat something tasty. Moreover, at any time. However, Sprinkles Bakery can not afford to work at night. But this does not prevent her from making money even when others sleep. More recently, in the facade of candy Sprinkles Bakery built a very ordinary ATM, which are the main currency of muffins and cookies. Cupcake Automat – a vending machine, which at any time will give the buyer a fresh batch, manufactured here in the Sprinkles Bakery.

 Of course, Cupcake Automat work at any time, day and night. Its mission – to facilitate the work of merchants store (now a significant number of customers do not go into the shopping on the street) and get to bring Sprinkles Bakery, even at night.And, of course, now that fans can feast on candy your favorite goodies, regardless of her working schedule.

Sprinkles Bakery hopes that other stores in Los Angeles will pick up the idea of the candy from its vending machine. After initial investment in the creation of such a device is not very high, and profit – is obvious. However, Cupcake Automat – it’s still not the world’s first confectionary vending machine. For example, the site we were talking about a device Jell-O Temptations, issuing free candy for adults.

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