A Modern Floating hotel M / V Aqua in Peru

Hotels, which are based on older ships and other water vehicles, no one will be surprised now. They are in many major cities on the quays with water. But in Peru, not so long ago there was quite a modern floating hotel M / V Aqua , unique in its kind.

   We often you tell about the unusual floating tools created for relaxation and entertainment of people. As an example, the Chinese hotel on the basis of the Soviet aircraft carrier Kiev , yacht-island with a volcano Tropical Island Paradiseor almost real Noah’s Ark in the Netherlands . Another masterpiece of design and engineering can be called a water hotel M / V Aqua, which is owned by the Peruvian tourist operator Aqua Expeditions.  Aqua Expeditions specializes in aquatic excursions are very popular among Americans and Europeans who come to Peru.Moreover, this country is in the source of the Amazon, and it was on this river runs the ship M / V Aqua.

 Rather, from the ship M / V Aqua has the ability to swim unless the water. But in appearance – it is quite a modern building, all glass and wood. Inside the hotel is situated described sixteen rooms, and the total number of guests can be up to forty people.

 M / V Aqua by Aqua Expeditions in the Amazon River tours start from the Peruvian city of Iquitos. Tourists are two types of travel in this great river: a three-day and week. During this time they proplyvut several hundred kilometers, will be able to go on a tour of all the surrounding attractions, including national parks, Indian settlements in the Amazon, tropical jungles, etc.

And, most importantly, for all this will not have to travel far from the hotel – Hotel M / V Aqua will sail in a very interesting place, planned by the organizers of the tour.

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