Shoe with a Secret to the Responsible parties

Every girl in my life at least once, but they were offended buying beautiful shoes at very high heels. Purchase, which in fact did not bring any pleasure, but has provided a couple of hours of hideous blisters and pain (sensation of uncomfortable shoes, perhaps, can be compared only with the “nagging” the tooth, and no one knows in whose favor). This kind of “insidious” new clothes is especially preferred to strike at your feet, and the mood in the midst of any party. At such times, so want to take off our shoes and throw ‘tormentors’ go to hell, but the situation does not allow. Especially for those women whose feet are absolutely not “friends” with studs, designer Shin Young (Sheena Young) offers an excellent solution for the exits in the world: seductive shoes, which are hidden inside the comfortable ballet flats.


   Not every socialite and party girl inveterate easily stand or dance the night away in high heels. Previously, designers have offered to facilitate women’s suffering a pair of flexible ballerinas , which is compactly folded and fit in even the smallest handbag. Now innovators have gone further and put away “ploskohodki” into really high (the length of the studs – more than 12 cm) “boats.” A new product manufactured from eco-friendly materials.  The idea of ​​women’s shoes, “2-in-1” Shine Young suggested banal life situation. At a celebratory party on the occasion of New Year New Girl shod shoes with very high heels. Already before the end of the evening they are rubbed her feet, that the desire of Miss Young was only one thing: as soon as possible to be barefoot. And they say that both celebrate New Year, so spend it. Apparently, the prospect of the young lady was not pleased, so she decided to appease fate, inventing a convenient solution to typical problems.

 Ballerinas completely hidden in shoes, at the same time serving as a comfortable thick insole, cushioning every step. Well, if an additional “cushion” does not help, you can always throw heels and stand on a flat sole. In addition, ballet flats are impregnated with an antibacterial compound that eliminates odor.

“Double” shoes are already available on the website designer. And the price of 70 (with the black suit) or 75 (for the festive golden “boats”) dollars is not particularly scary when you consider that you are buying just four shoes.

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