Black and Red Residence – An Exotic modern house, Punta del Este (Uruguay)

Black And Red Residence – exotic modern house, located in Punta del Este (Uruguay), covers an area of 340 square meters. The design house is designed to inspire and create a sense of a large family home.

   The unique structure was designed and built by experts from the architectural studio of Martin Gomez Arquitectos for the life of a big friendly family where there are children of different ages.

 The building consists of three separate parts united together long concrete tunnel leading to the wooden platform and basin.

 Fantastic home interiors highlighted by dark wood ceilings. Developing, interior space is continued on the street – in the form of round holes, overlooking the natural daylight, and half-open terraces.

 The house has two fireplaces, located on the wooden platform. The monumental and at the same time, democratic fireplaces, built with reference to the ancient local traditions, are the elements that unite disparate parts of the building. Next to the fireplace equipped with a comfort zone, where even in cold weather, you can gather the whole family to relax by the fire, spend a nice day or have a party for the guests.

   This is a general semi-open space gathers family, while others are more isolated places sensitive recreation areas, and functionality – a bedroom and bathroom, living room, kitchen, children’s and playrooms.

   In the summer, fall, winter and spring of natural light plays with the black and red palette of wood and concrete, as well as with light and shadow, which contributes to the dynamic visual change in the interior during the day.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio

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