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Blessed are the times in which we live! Blessed are the designers who create new and new devices that make our lives more interesting and rich! For example, the creators of the vending machine dispenses Milk , which is made ​​for the sale svezhevydoennogo cow milk !

 Just yesterday on the site we were talking about a vending machine Cupcake Automat near Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, which sells around the clock muffins and other baked goods fresh from the bakery Sprinkles Bakery. And where the cookies and milk! After all, they seem designed to complement each other! So today we will tell about the automatic and Milk Dispenses, selling fresh milk. This unusual trading machine is installed in the French town of Montauban, near which Kanthal Michel (Michel Cantaloube) has some cow farms. Here is an entrepreneur, and this occurred to a vending machine for fresh produce from their agricultural enterprises. device, it looks like public transport, it means, in fact, it is not. Just inside is a large tank with fresh milk, vydoennym just an hour or two ago. So, any resident can come to Montauban Milk Dispenses with their cans or bottle, drop a coin into the vending machine and get a few liters of liquid milk, pasteurization is not the last.

Unpasteurized milk when it is fresh, much more useful than one that is sold in stores in bottles. Moreover, it is quite possible for people to drink, even with most types of lactose intolerance (scientists have proven that often it is precisely because of the substances that have appeared in the milk during pasteurization). Inspired by the success of ATM Milk Dispenses, established in Montauban, Michelle plans to Kanthal expand the network of such devices and to other cities in France and subsequently in neighboring countries (UK, Spain). That’s only in this case will have to negotiate with local farmers – milk should be fresh after all, a pair, and not brought to distant lands.

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