House in Gorky-6 – the Russian architects

The house in the hills-6 (House in Gorky-6) – the work of specialists from the Moscow Architectural Studio Atrium Architects . The unusual house, built for a young family with a child, is located on a hilltop, surrounded by beautiful pine forest, not far from Moscow (Russia).

   The only wish was to have customers not just a house, a work of art of modern architecture. Building plot situated on a hilltop west of Moscow, surrounded by pine forests.

 Three directions of orientation windows of the house has a beautiful view, and the fourth – the northern and less attractive to architects closed the eyes of its inhabitants.

 Thus, the authors of the project came to the concept of the “plane”, which is slightly raised above the ground and forms a spacious and comfortable living environment.

 This is a unique architectural design has formed a set of internal and external spaces, which are common features of a house.At the same time, the building is open to the sun, thanks to a spacious, efficient windows oriented.

 The situation at home is an open plan, in which the spatial flow passes from public areas to private rooms, and vice versa.

 A distinctive feature of this holistic conceptual and monumental home is no border between the exterior cladding of the building and decoration of the walls inside. The tree, decorating the exterior is also used in interior design.

     The plan envisages the house parking lot and a Russian bath. The flat roof of a building can serve as an outdoor terrace and observation deck, which opens up a nice panoramic view of ever-green pine forest.


With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio based in Moscow:

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