Angry Birds Land – A Theme Park

A simple mobile game Angry Birds won a great popularity in the world, the company Rovio plans this summer to create a truly luxurious gift to fans of its most famous product – to open an amusement park Angry Birds Land , devoted to the evil birds and their sworn enemies, the pigs.

   Angry Birds Land will be a great addition to our collection of the most unusual theme park world . It is one thing – to create an amusement park on the whole animated universe (Disney) or the Universe game (Blizzard), but quite another – a very simple casual toy for mobile phones and tablet PCs. But the company Rovio decided that their most famous product is fully achieved the level of popularity that can be created Angry Birds Land. Moreover, this amusement park already being built on a peninsula near the Finnish city of Tampere. It will be part of a larger entertainment complex Särkänniemi Adventure Park.

 Särkänniemi Adventure Park will open the 28th of April this year, Angry Birds Land – in the summer. As part of this park will be several attractions, entertainment, food outlets and a hotel for those who want to stay there for another day. Realizing that Finland is located away from main tourist routes of the world, the company Rovio says Angry Birds Land in Tampere designed, primarily, to the Finnish audience. And for the rest of you will create a few more similar theme parks in major cities around the world (as well as part of a large-scale entertainment complexes).

Unfortunately, the Angry Birds Land will not be able to shoot these birds in these pigs. But fans of Angry Birds still find there’s plenty of entertainment for the case itself, including, and very ambitious.

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