Smart Washing Mashine from NXP Semiconductors

Washing machine of the future created in the Netherlands, the company NXP Semiconductors . She not only knows how to access the Internet through a wireless connection, but also understands the colors and varieties of fabric. A smart device Smart Washing Mashine presented in February at the famous home appliance exhibition Embedded World in Nuremberg.

 This washing machine is able to work with the technologies of RFID and NFC, so knows what she offered to wash, and can repair itself. For this washing machine is processing information about the type and color of fabric, reading it with the buttons marked with RFID-tagged, thus preventing the mixing of white and colored items at the same time optimizing the washing program.

If, however, the system fails, the washing machine dial up to the very professional service with NFC-phone, and through a wireless connection that will diagnose system and made the necessary reconfiguration and reboot. However, despite the fact that the Smart Washing Mashine believe the near future, home appliances, the mass production of the units is still too early to say.

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