Project Alfabet Cups in memory of Arne Jacobsen

You have to be by Malevich to draw “Black Square”, which will cost millions. And you have to be Arne Jacobsen (Arne Jacobsen) , to inspire contemporary artists to create a series of simple stylish mugs Alfabet Cups , and call it delight fans of the original design. Nothing special, but at the same time, there is in these everyday objects something catchy that makes people want to consider them, to touch, pick up and stroked the smooth, pleasant to touch the sides.

 A series of mugs with the alphabet – it is a little hello from the past masters of Arne. The fact that the font, which on the surface of the circles inscribed letters, was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1937. They were used for writing signs in domestic Aarhus City Hall, that in Denmark. But today, when you can become the owner of a few cups with a unique typeface from the author Arne Jacobsen, nothing prevents one to lay down its own sign. And also use the circles with the letters stand as a pencil (with the letter P – pencil), toothbrushes (T – toothbrush), or drinking from a cup of coffee with the letter C on the side.


Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) – the famous, the talented Danish artist, designer and architect, the author of numerous architectural projects, interior design, art, furniture and household. He was named the first representative of modernism in modern Danish design, and in his early works are similar to the artistic legacy of the Le Corbusier. Get acquainted with the works of this eminent maker may at its website.

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