Hidden Message porcelain made Braille Cups

Very few people can read Braille, even among visually impaired people, not all understand texts written by dots. And the more interesting and mysterious look porcelain cups Hidden Message Braille Cups , created by designer Liv Andersson.

 The service consists of four cups, each of which is marked by a phrase applied to the surface in Braille. Knowledgeable person able to read the points one of the phrases: “Be Kind” (Please), “Breathe Deep” (Take a deep breath), “Love Yourself” (Love yourself) and “Make Time” (Take the time) that are relevant to any time for all of us.


And for those who do not know Braille, but wants to work out, or just want to surprise and please some of your friends, having presented him a cup of encrypted, the designer has provided a translation into commonly understood (in our case, English). Phrases in the original language are at the bottom of each of the four cups. A series of Hidden Message Braille Cups designed for studio Uncommon Goods, and costs about $ 30 for the entire kit.

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