Koloro-desk – a house for dolls and room for an adult

Koloro-desk – universal mobile office of the designers of the well known Japanese architectural studio we Torafu Architects . This table is for an adult “girl” looks like a doll house for the – with windows and doors, and even its own artificial light!

   Study window, you can open or close, to privacy and a sense of comfort. In addition, the rotary “shutters” in the open state can be used as functional shelves – extra storage space.

 In a round hole in the “ceiling” house can set a pot of flowers. And in a time when the office is not engaged by their owners, the chair can be pushed under the compact folded or open table. The very same chair, except the soft parts, with an extra place to store all kinds needed for work or play trivia.

 Koloro-desk – a place where, literally, you can feel the “nest” or “at ease”. This includes holes for the wires and even hooks for bags.

 All the above advantages suggest that the “puppet” cabinet can be used as in private homes and in office space. In addition, the neutral and green design facility will allow it to integrate perfectly into any modern interior.

 Besides the fact that the set can be useful for adult family members, it can be used as a playing space of the child.

With the creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio http://torafu.com/

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