Sneakers : A brand-new “hybrid” by Adidas

Do cowboys wear sneakers? Clearly, there is no (though brave American boys probably would have been surprised at their convenience). But if the company Adidas existed at the time of the Wild West, the toughest guys just bought a couple of Cowboyboot and shod to them only in the most prestigious saloons. But today feel like a real urban-cowboy everyone can. “Thank you” technological advances, advertising and new product by the above Adidas.

   Original shoes and moderately twisted hybrids there is not enough. But here’s a wild “fruit” as Adidas Cowboyboot, you’ve probably never seen before. Which is not surprising: Well, who would have occurred to cross the classic “sneakers” with cowboy boots? Of course, just crank on fashion , Jeremy Scott (Jeremy Scott) .

 It looks more than a shocking novelty. The standard “Original” running shoes with the famous three stripes added unexpectedly high ankle in a “cowboy” style. Complete picture of patterns and stylized composition inscribed in their corporate “shamrock.” Black-white range Cowboyboot inherited from the same “original”.

 By the provocative, often overtly kitsch style Jeremy Scott has long been accustomed to all. And celebrities, and fans of his work modestly look forward to continuing a fashion feast. And the designer, so it has not been used completely, he tries not to disappoint and come up with more original solutions.

The eccentric novelty from Mr. Scott once again extended the boundaries of the “krossovochnoy” fashion to one more pair.A hot Cowboyboot already available on the website Adidas for 300 U.S. dollars.

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