Sofa Tantisassi, similar to the basket with candy by designer Matteo Thun

Any product design – is a work of art. And even more so if it is made ​​in the image of something just as nice, attractive and delicious as a box of candy. In this masterpiece of a sofa Tantisassi , the author of which was the designer, Matteo Thun.
 Pillow-candy made of foamed polyurethane, is attached to each bag of colorful elastic hair. Pleasant to the touch, and obedient when washing and cleaning, the cover just makes cushions similar to candy. If you remove it completely, inside will be completely white pillow. And then the couch will look like a basket of eggs. Is that a little flattened.

The product consists of a chrome steel frame, which is stretched and is soft and elastic polyurethane shell. Sofa monpanse Tantisassi created in collaboration Matteo Thun and Italian studio Rossi di Albizzate. For the first time the furniture shown at the festival opening in Milan.

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