Allochroous Yacht designed for Parties and Concerts !!!

Every large yacht – a potential place for parties and other events. That’s just not all the owners are ready to open for visits, intimate place to relax. But Allochroous Yacht is designed as a yacht for parties and concerts !

   Several months ago we were doing on this site review the most unusual and expensive super yachts , as really existing and projected only. In this collection would have looked good and the boat Allochroous Yacht, designed not for the solitude of its owner in the sea, and for public events.

 Allochroous Yacht has a length of more than forty meters. This floating house has three decks, each of which can be used for public events, such as discos, rock concerts and evenings of chamber music, film and theater premieres, exhibitions, presentations, seminars, etc.

 Especially impressive, these activities will be in the evening hours, when the boat Allochroous Yacht will glow with a unique LED lighting system, calculated as the external and the internal effect. And even the word “allochroous” translated as “changing color”.

 In the indoor Allochroous Yacht will develop a chic bar in the room where you can also arrange a variety of game events.project boat for concerts and parties Allochroous Yacht won first place in the annual competition Millenium Yacht Design Award, the most authoritative competition among the makers of luxury sailing.

As expected the project creators Allochroous Yacht, investors pay for the yacht that can be both event-agency specializes in premium-class events, and just rich people who do not mind from time to time hold noisy parties or concerts.

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