3-in-1 Wooden Little Frog for Children’s by Klinko Kids

Wooden frog for the needs of small and large children created in the Chinese company Klinko Kids , which specializes in children’s furniture unusual design. So, their project Little Frog combines the entire three items: a table, chair and a shelf that children can not only enjoy, but also to play.

 Furniture Little Frog looks like a frog, but it folded, where the leg “table” – a frog’s eyes, and a shelf turned upside down – frog’s mouth. Incidentally, in the form of Little Frog can also be a chair with good back support. Disconnecting the figure of a frog, get a table-shifter, and a shelf for different things, or toys. Although older children can and do come up for the purpose of the original items of furniture.

     Designers of Klinko Kids emphasize that their furniture is made of absolutely safe materials. Even the glue used to bond small pieces of furniture, has passed all required tests and was considered non-toxic. Caring parents can breathe easy and safe to leave their kids to play with new and interesting furniture.


In Klinko Kids in stock – still enough pieces of furniture and interior design, friendly to children. They can be seen on the website furniture company.

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