24 Best Design Pictures of the Week – March 2 to March 9, 2012

1. Gemini Towers, Copenhagen

2. Vatican Museums spiral staircase designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932

3. Painted lime plaster on a mud adobe building – Yemen

4. Wooden door – Prague

5. Tile mosaic floor inside the Vatican museum

6. Buddha Park by: Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat, Laos

7. Red clay roof tiles of Prague

8. Exquisite tile work -Junagarh Fort, India

9. Sunset through the London Eye, designed by David Marks and Julia Barfield

10. Old wooden Yemeni door – Marib, Yemen

11. Decorative dragon phoenix on Buddhist temple – Vietnam 

12. Example of Moroccan zellij tile and stucco carving

13. Rodier palm sticks embedded in the walls of a mud mosque – used for decoration and as scaffolding for annual repairs

14. Garbage and recycling depot

15. Gargoyle looking down from Notre Dame, Paris 

16. Rusty 70’s era suburban mailbox

17. Beautifully designed small glass bowl

 18. Baroque Palffy Garden (UNESCO) ,Czech rep.

 19. St Peter’s windmill, Jersey, Channel Islands

 20. Wrought iron handrail on a Guanajuato staircase

 21. Marble tiled hallway and pillared archways in Sikh Golden Temple complex

 22. Retro Future

 23. Moorish Facade – Villa Rufolo, Ravello Italy

 24. Railind and sunny day,moraira,Spain


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