Funny USB-flash device Hum Blank

The original Hum Blank USB flash drive from the Japanese company Hum downright tear patterns. USB Flash Drive Schrödinger, it can be called that way. Being packed in a bottle, it is both empty and filled. But what exactly, you will know just plugging a flash drive to your computer.

 USB flash drive in the form of a plug – a new format USB-drive, which will please those who like the unusual “toys.” A miniature, it will fit in a jacket pocket, jeans or shirts. However, in comparison with modern flash drives, “monsters”, the capacity also seem tiny. Only 2GB of memory for the most important data that can then be packaged in a glass bottle comes with the flash drive.


In a gift to a friend or yourself, a loved one, as a souvenir business colleagues or a romantic message to a person dear to his heart – only the imagination will tell you how to properly dispose of this original gadget. However, the price may seem unreasonably high: $ 43 in online stores.

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