Giselle – Coffee Table in a tutu from Russian designer Anna Neklesy

Russian ballet dancers and gymnasts all over the world admires, and ballet performances inspire. At this time, the ballet “Giselle” served as inspiration for the creation of the same name of the project: an elegant coffee table with the name of Giselle came up with Russian designer Anna Neklesa .

 As the author writes on his website, she decided that it was the ballet will be the new way, which will be associated with Russia in the modern world. Ballet is the whole expression, subtlety and poetry of the Russian soul, and also demonstrates the strength of character, fortitude and firmness – the same steel rod, which is hidden inside. In the end, after watching a ballet production of “Giselle,” the designer got the idea for the project Giselle.

     A low coffee table, as expected, is designed as a tutu made of sheet steel and painted wooden ballet legs bent in a graceful Plie. In the folds of the ballet costume can be placed logs or napkins, leaves for a record or something. Despite two curved legs, table fairly stable, does not swing and slide.  

More information about the project – on Web page  Anna Neklesy.

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