Mercedes F-Cell – The Invisible Car

James Bond is rejoicing! Finally, the company Mercedes-Benz has released the car, which he had long dreamed of! Mercedes F-Cell – a machine that is able to blend in with the terrain, becoming invisible ! However, it is also environmentally friendly!

 Of course, to be honest, the invisible has become only one side of the car Mercedes F-Cell, and then only in the instance of this machine, which was created for his infomercial. So the creators of this car decided to show that their child during the operation does not bring any harm to the environment – it has a so-called “Zero emissions”.

 The fact that the engine Mercedes F-Cell is powered by liquid hydrogen under pressure. During operation, it combines with oxygen to give that energy to operate the vehicle. While this is not allocated any harmful substances to the environment – only water, rather, the water vapor. Reserve hydrogen in a standard container for the Mercedes F-Cell will be enough to drive non-stop almost four hundred miles. The Mercedes-Benz also promises to strongly lobby the liquid hydrogen as a fuel to gas station owners in each F-Cell can replace empty cylinders to the full. Moreover, for a low price.

 That is to emphasize the absolute safety of the car Mercedes F-Cell to the environment, the makers of commercials and made one side of an invisible car. To do this, they set it on the boards of many thousands of tiny light-emitting diodes, and on the other side secured the camera Canon 5D Mark II, transmitting real-time image on the screen.

Of course, these cars Mercedes F-Cell, which will soon go on sale, invisible (even provisionally) will not! But they are environmentally friendly and economical! Even more than a hybrid car Mercedes E300 and Mercedes E400 .

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