Ear-confetti from Oue Akiko (Akiko Oue)

Freedom of expression – one of the great values ​​that we, for some reason, so often do not notice. And would cost. To show their individuality can be anything. The easiest way – in dress and appearance. Good luck, if your hands are growing from the right place: nothing prevents to get yourself an interesting little thing on his own sketch or build a pair of earrings. Well, if you want more “exclusive” for a reasonable price, but the ability to prevent, then come to the aid of all sorts of “Transformers” and “designers”. Recently, they have grown: designer earrings from Oue Akiko (Akiko Oue) made ​​on a “DIY” and “turn on a fantasy.”

   Earrings designed by Mr. Oue, it is unlikely to be confused with something. Is that with festive confetti. But here the similarity is obvious. From a design similar decorations differ by the fact that their chief charm – in the simplest physical “chips”, known even first grade.

   The fact that these designer “confetti” made ​​of metal. And for the little needles, pusetam (as well as to themselves the bright circles) attached a couple of magnets . Thus, each rod can freely puset “sculpt” any amount of metal kruglyashi different colors, creating shapes, and even entire songs from my own taste and imagination. A fan of “minimal” can simply change the color every day of their “modest” earrings, “studs”.


Magnetic earrings are sold by Akiko Oue sets. In each set – eighteen and two colored kruglyashi puseta. It is recommended as a gift to creative individuals that love to all exclusive, unusual and creative.

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