Choc Mate, thermos flask for a chocolate bar

Summer is approaching and that means that soon the sun will melt not only the amount of clothing worn by each of us, but also chocolate, tucked away in a pocket or backpack. To avoid becoming a favorite delicacy in the unappetizing gooey brown mush, designer Snelgar Cameron (Cameron Snelgar) offers to hide chocolate in a special container called Choc Mate.

 Box Choc Mate is a cross between a flask and thermos, but not for the drinks, namely chocolate. Its design is not only stylish in appearance – inside Choc Mate maintains the ideal temperature for the chocolate, allowing it to remain firm and cool, even when the temperature reaches a critical point, and not only melts the chocolate, but also brains.

     There are several varieties Choc Mate, designed for specific chocolates: one for the bars, while others – for tiles of different sizes. So whether you’re either a tourist who is going to walk through the woods and takes to the road Snickers or a biker, who is emerging in the cycling trip to the chocolate bar in his pocket, corresponding to a thermos there for everyone. A convenient form of Choc Mate allows thermos is located not only in my pocket, but also in the bag, and go perfectly in your hand if you wanted to bite off a piece of chocolate on the go.


Unfortunately, this development is a concept so far, and that means that chocolate as a very perishable product in heat, you need to eat before it melts and loses a delicious and presentation.

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