Flippo chair : a folding chair from Paulo Corceiro

The original designer Paulo Corceiro , by the very unfriendly the service Nasty Tea Set from daveshney publication provides sufficiently attractive pieces of furniture that will not only save space in the apartment, but also benefit both adults and young of its inhabitants. This is a multi-function folding chair chair Flippo , who also serves as a table and a mini-shelves for books and magazines.

 Moving back Flippo chair – the one element that makes the chair at the table, and which can be put down to the furniture did not occupy much space when not in use. Dropping back, we get a small coffee table or bedside table. Lifting it – the whole high-backed chair, which is convenient to rely on. Fitted to the bottom of the wheels allow effortless to move a chair, a table in the apartment without scratching with either laminate or parquet, or linoleum. And magazines, books and notebooks can be added to the two small shelves, built-in seating.

     Several lightweight, cartoon, toy form Flippo chair makes you think that it – furniture for the nursery. While this chair is comfortable and the room for adults or for young people as a bedside table or coffee table, and even as a mini-Fold table, which can be taken out on a balcony or terrace, garden houses, to drink a cup of tea in the open air. Of course, this furniture for children, too, like, first of all, thanks to its bright colors, and of wheels, of course.


Probably, this furniture would be the way in day care centers or in the gaming rooms of large supermarkets, where the kids leave, while parents go shopping around the room. More information about the project – on site Paulo Corceiro.

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