Decorations for shoes from the design lab called Pleasemachine


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The development of jewelry and accessories for people involved in thousands of companies, design groups and voluntary artists. But how many can claim that is made ​​special decorations for the shoe ? I doubt it. But any pair of shoes, even the prettiest potentially be made ​​more attractive. So, summing up these facts, the work of the Hungarian young creatives from the design lab called Pleasemachine expected a lot.

   Young designers, led by Anna Zaboeva (Anna Zaboeva) of Pleasemachine Style Lab already have something to brag about.Their portfolio is full of bright, creative, and stressed “the young” shoe. And this despite the fact that many copies are made ​​from scraps of old clothes found at flea markets in Budapest. No wonder the motto of studio sounds like «We are crazy, cool and colorful» («We are crazy, cool and bright”). Recently, they decided to add to his work has something new and have prepared a collection of special ornaments for shoes.

     Transform the old shoe designers suggest using the so-called removable tops. Original “bracelets” for the feet are made of genuine suede or leather with an interesting texture and bright prints. The collection can be found on jewelry every day, and “evening” options. Each accessory is fastened on a few buttons or “keys” and does not cause any discomfort in the toe.

           Another way to liven up the exterior of the old times of shoes – decorate them with bows overhead. Last Pleasemachine offered in a variety of options: textiles, fur, suede or velvet with contrasting ribbons, little “cameos” or without them.


Shoe ornaments of the design lab Pleasemachine allow one pair of shoes turned into two, three or even more and will be a good solution for the spontaneous release of “out” after work or school. Without prior pereobuvaniya.

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  1. Anachka says:

    Its all sounds interesting, but there is little mistake in the article. Saying "Young designers, led by Anna Zaboeva of Pleasemachine Style Lab " is wrong cuz its all designed by one person – Anna herself. And in Pleasemachine company there is no other designers can possibly be.
    Find it out for yourself

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