Contact Lens Store – Expressive Minimalism

Quite a challenge – to create a minimalist interior, which, however, is not impersonal, but has its own individual “person” and even “eye”. Contact Lens Store – Shop the new optics, which opened recently in Tel Aviv (Israel).

   This small concept store, designed for companies Adashot specialists from the Israeli architectural studio of Miss Lee Design , is the only boutique, which is not offered anything other than contact lenses.

Purity, clarity and transparency – these are characteristics that formed the basis of the concept of the boutique interior, context which has become a collective white background, erasing the boundaries of the relatively small space. The glossy surface, ultra-modern fixtures, causing the association on the topic of lenses and optical illusions, light load and the lack of color sharp, sharpening senses and sight the contrast between black and white.

Elements of the room decor inspired by the vision testing stands, consisting of variously sized letters and numbers, as well as six expressive lamps with concave mirrors.
result – streamlined, stylish, minimalist and eye-catching interior, designed to most effectively communicate with the client.with the work of the authors of the project can be found, visiting the site of the architectural studio of:

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