Innovative Wooden Pallets dormitory for students in Paris

This unique, bold and, at first glance, almost absurd project of a student dormitory in Paris (France), Amelot on the street – the creative work of experts from the French architectural studio Stephane Malka . Object-parasite firmly secured to the blank wall of one of the buildings of the capital, without interfering with him and his own inner life, coexisting functional and efficient.

 The project did not destroy, and nothing takes away from an old European city, leaving him a valuable area of ​​squares and the individuality of the area.

   In addition, the basic materials of the exterior decoration of steel recycled wooden pallets as favorite in recent years, designers and architects around the world. These elements are quite fragile, of course, attached to a solid frame.

 Extravagant, but the design of democratic structures Innovative Student Housing provides its translucency, designed to respect the confidentiality of the private lives of its inhabitants and to pass to the premises a sufficient number of natural daylight.

 Modularity creates a pallet of different combinations of various geometry, which is based on the reuse of materials that do not require additional processing complex and creates by-products that pollute the environment.

According to the authors of the project, the real ecological approach is not destroyed, but the loyal application of democratic innovation in the existing architectural heritage of the ancient city. This is a new and effective and humane strategy for the use of urban space. with the work of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio based in Paris:

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