Flintstones Style House of the American actor and producer in Malibu

Flintstones Style House – an amazing building, located on a picturesque promontory in Malibu (California, USA), on the Pacific coast. The house belongs to the American actor and producer Dick Clark (Dick Clark) . It seems that here you are in a state of complete peace and away from the outside world.

     But this false sense, since only a few minutes’ walk from the villa is a comfortable organic public beach.

 All functions of the private residential homes only. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen.

     The unique architecture of the home mimics the Neolithic cave, complete with some elements of modern life and the appropriate general context decor.

   The construction perfectly adapts to the surrounding landscape of the Pacific coast, without violating its majestic beauty and offering its residents beautiful panoramic views.


A cozy seating area with vaulted ceilings over the head is located next to the wood-burning fireplace, kitchen and bar area, and an abstract. A streamlined shape window well, “Crop” picture of the surrounding nature, transforming them into design elements of the home.

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