Creative Coffee Starbucks in Amsterdam

World coffee house chain Starbucks continues to evolve and surprise visitors and democratic non-standard solutions, in which ideas predominate over the amount invested in the implementation of their money. Just recently we wrote about the unique interior of stores in Japan . At this time, it will be a new institution, opened recently in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

   Lead designer for Liz Mueller (Liz Muller) to put their creative ideas using the most trivial “grazing” materials, such as cargo containers, chosen to form a coffee shop in Seattle (USA).

 Conceptual coffee shop, located in a former warehouse on the old bank building Rembrandtplein, created using a combination of recycled local materials and objects. Benches, tables, ceilings, made of wooden bars of 1876 Dutch oak, the walls lined with wooden “gingerbread” elements of the bicycle and antique Delft tiles tiles represent a second life is already processed or obsolete-of-life parts, components and materials.

 About 35 artists and craftsmen worked on the addition of creative touches, filled with warmth and comfort of the energy of creativity, tiered space.

   Transformation project, however, demonstrates respect for the historical past of the building, retaining its original features, including concrete surfaces, as well as the marble floor.


The bar counter is almost theatrical located at the prominent location, visible from all locations of places visitors coffee. The bar area is a small extension to the stage where it is planned to hold small concerts of local artists and various cultural events.

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