Lotus – Waterproof speaker will give the rustle of the waves and surf

The rustle of the waves and surf calms and relaxes. And it is desirable that while he was present. and did not come from the speakers whenever the computer. Otherwise, this is not a romance, which is so anxious waiting for the summer. And for all those who want it most “live” the surf, but the hand is the only bathroom, designer Lim Loren came up with a remarkable device called the Lotus.

 This is the Lotus – a speaker. An almost identical, from which a computer can be heard the noise of the surf and the rustle of the electron waves. But it is intended for the bathroom, and respond to fluctuations in the water. The device is called the Lotus should be dipped in a bath filled, and it will begin to make sounds that resemble, or waterfall, or the rustle of the waves on the sand, or rain. They say these sounds soothe your nerves and have a positive effect on mood.


The conceptual device is waterproof, and bathing in the bathroom did not bring him harm. And here is relaxing and calming effect just might bring.

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