Project “Air villages” Tohoku Sky Village over “cushion” !!

Japan last year survived the earthquake and tsunami, are still in a state of uncontrollable fear of the water element. Therefore, it is not surprising that the architects of this country was created a project “air villages” Tohoku Sky Village !

   The essence of the Tohoku Sky Village project is the construction of villages and small towns not only in the fields, and the horizontal site, located at a certain elevation in relation to the surrounding land.

 It turns out that every such town is an island, but not in the middle of expanses of water, and land in areas that are in the lowlands or in close proximity to the sea or ocean. Due to its location, they will be protected not only during disasters, but simply in the period of floods or heavy rains.

 As planned by the architects of the company Sako Architects, «Air Village» Tohoku Sky Village should also have a certain amount of resources for some time to use it in those moments when the element does not allow to establish a sustainable transport and freight to the “big world”. Electricity is at such times can be obtained from solar panels, wind turbines and small hydroelectric power plants installed in Tohoku Sky Village still under construction.

 Moreover, in order to reduce the cost of the construction of settlements, to create a “cushion” on which they are located, you can use the debris remaining after the earthquake and the floods of 2011.

Of course, the idea of Tohoku Sky Village seems very strange and not very necessary. But that’s just for us! The Japanese, having learned that such tsunamis and floods, it is understood that the best once again to be safe than to relive the nightmare, they faced a year ago. In any case, the project “aircraft villages» Tohoku Sky Village looks much more realistic and reasonable than the flying cities of Heaven and Earth , which we described in the Novate.Ru few days ago.

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